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8 Mistakes to Avoid in Digital Project Management

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By Ivan Widjaya

Digital project management requires a unique approach compared to traditional project management. It necessitates embracing new work practices. To succeed, make sure that you do not commit the mistakes that we’ll talk about in this article.                                            

1. Not Having the Right Team

A sure-fire way for digital project management to fail is not having the right team. Great teams will produce great results, so you need to have the right people. Provide opportunities for the team to improve, such as through training. The more competent the team is, the higher the chance that a project will succeed.

2. Lack of Vision

Every successful project starts with a vision. What is it that you would like to happen? Only after identifying the vision can you effectively enumerate the steps on how to achieve your goals. Vision will provide direction to the project. Also, make sure that this vision is communicated to all members of the team so that they know where they should be heading.

3. Lack of Collaboration

Collaboration is highly instrumental in the success of digital projects. It is important to collaborate with all members of the team, which is also why effective communication is a must. By building a more collaborative environment, the team can be more productive. To be more collaborative, take advantage of the use of online tools, including project management software.

4. Working on Too Many Things

Team members should have a clear focus on what they are doing. They need to have well-defined roles. Hence, they should not be working on too many things at once. Otherwise, this will derail their productivity. This can even compromise the quality of the outcomes.

5. No Backup Plan

Accept the fact that things may not always go as planned. The best that you can do is prepare for the unexpected. Always have a backup plan. This is one of the best ways to manage risk, which will also make the negative effects more manageable.

6. Too Little Flexibility

Speaking of how the most unexpected things can happen, digital project management needs flexibility. You need to be adaptive based on the current situation. This means that while planning is important, things don’t have to be set in stone. Change the plan when necessary.

7. Unrealistic Timelines

Timelines are important to accomplish digital projects as planned. However, when setting the timeline, be realistic. Project managers want to make their clients happy. To do this, they often resort to giving timelines they are not even sure they can meet. Do not be one of those!

8. Stop Learning

Even if you are already a successful digital project manager, this does not mean that you already know everything. There is always room for improvement, so consider taking a project management course to update your knowledge. Acknowledge that there is always something new you can learn.

Spare yourself from headaches. Increase the chances of success in your projects! Make sure that you do not commit the mistakes above.

Original Article: Cloud Business Reviews

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