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DANCING IN THE STREET Fitness trainer gets entire street out for coronavirus lockdown workout

Image: Reuters
By Hana Carter

A FITNESS instructor has encouraged her entire street to join in on a live class during the coronavirus lockdown. 

Elyse Blemmings, who has become known as the Mancunian Motivator, has got neighbours of all ages moving with her routines.

The sessions began after one of her neighbours on the street in Chigwell, Essex, spotted her working out during the lockdown and wanted to join in.

The 31-year-old started with two sessions last week and since then her classes have attracted even more.

Ensuring they are spaced two metres apart, dozens of residents have taken to the streets in their fitness gear and joined in with Elyse’s workouts.

Margaret Lakey, 79, has lived on the street for 50 years and says the sessions have helped to unite the community in these tough times.

She said: “We’re waving to neighbours we’ve never spoken to before.”

Tony Aiken, 72, said: “It’s good for everyone’s spirits, old or young. We’re at the older age and the young ones come out as well.

“It’s brought back, I suppose, what everyone’s feeling, a big sense of community spirit.”

Elyse, who is originally from Manchester, has shared a class timetable on her Instagram so neighbours can pick and choose their form of exercise for that day.

The fitness fanatic said: “They know they are going to get their heart rate lifted, they’re going to have some endorphins and they are going to go back into their house and say ‘I feel better today’ rather than just going through the same monotonous routine.”

Talking about how her classes have helped to bring the street closer together, she said: “I think it’s going to be very hard to go back to absolutely normal when people have been outside doing jumping jacks in front of each other.

“Let’s be honest, everyone looked ridiculous today.

“So if they go back to ignoring each other, that’s just weird.”

She has also been sharing her tips and tricks to shape up with her Instagram followers.

“To clients who aren’t there yet and are carrying weight, I say to them to make a phone call to someone you’ve not spoken to for ages and go for a walk,” she said.

“You’ll soon see you can be on the phone for an hour. We’ve all got people in our phone books who we just don’t ring. We have the time now.”

She has created a fitness routine too, with a selection of exercises designated to each room in the house.

Families are instructed to move around the rooms to perform the various exercises that she has provided.

Original Article: The Sun/Reuters

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