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Image: analyticsinsight
By Smriti Srivastava

The potentials of Artificial Intelligence have extended its reach across several platforms. Even social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn are using AI to make sense of the pool of human data. Around 3 billion people use social media across various countries creating data in volumes one can only imagine. And this is where AI is introduced to harness the true worth of voluminous data.

In this era of social media, whether it is about reaching out to new clients or nurturing existing business or personal relationships, one can easily cling onto a site like Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. Through such platforms, people can become an integral part of far off society and community.

In terms of business, effective social media management helps enhance a brand’s strength and increase social media conversations. It is an efficient way of engaging millions of social media users. AI helps analyze voluminous data to identify trending topics, hashtags, and patterns to understand user behavior.

Such innovative algorithms can keep a check on millions of unstructured user comments or data to understand crisis situations or trends to provide a personalized experience. With effective segmentation, technology can help organizations provide content based on online activity and demographics. Many social networking sites have acquired AI businesses to move to the next level.

In the contemporary market, a variety of companies that offer online marketing services are exploring new ways to use social media with AI as well. They have started using AI to identify new demographics to target based on previous conversions. These AI tools rely on predictive analytics algorithms, which can extrapolate information on all known users in a given social network.

AI can also recognize images and help identify consumer behavior patterns. AI-empowered software recognition tools can help gather actionable insights to understand the shift in user patterns through millions of images posted on social media.

With the sheer amount of images being posted every minute, it would be very difficult for a person to notice an opportunity like but with AI the task can be carried out efficiently.

At Facebook, where there are more than two billion users, it is using artificial intelligence to flag posts automatically that show expressions of suicidal thoughts for human moderators to review. Moreover, the social media platform can enhance its program to allow human moderators to review 20 times more suicidal posts, and Facebook is sending its suicide prevention materials to twice as many people.

Over, Microsoft owned professional networking site LinkedIn, AI’s subset machine learning is being used for almost all its products. With almost seven million open candidates, LinkedIn offers the biggest pool of candidates for a recruiter to contact and connect with the highest response rate. LinkedIn uses algorithms with the capability to predict users who are possibly the best fit for the role. Using AI algorithms, LinkedIn can highlight candidates who are most likely to respond or seeking new opportunities.

Furthermore, Twitter recently launched an update to its service using AI that crops an image using face detection or creating a thumbnail from an entire image. With neural networks, Twitter can decipher which part of the image user would be interested in.

As we can see through social media platforms AI is gaining prominence. While AI can never replace human interaction, it can assist them in making things more productive and efficient.

Original Article: Analytics Insight

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