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The Flaming Lips smash out social distancing gig with crowd and band in giant plastic bubbles

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Image: Youtube
By Brittany Jenke

Forget about trying out drive-in concerts to manage the need for social distancing and the craving for live entertainment – just hop into giant plastic bubbles like The Flaming Lips did for an audience on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

We’re all missing the rush of a live performance, that’s no lie. With COVID-19 shutting out gigs world wide, many entertainers are trying to figure out how to make gigs possible once again while keeping health in mind.

Although we’ve already seen drive-in concerts make a run as the newest form of entertainment, and how one company is creating a space-like suite to attend concerts in, The Flaming Lips jumped right into what they know – performing in giant plastic bubbles, just as they recently did on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

It’s not the first time the Oklahoman alt-rock band have utilised these props, as the giant plastic bubbles are a staple to frontman Wayne Coyne’s showmanship at gigs, as he can typically be seen walking inside one of the clear bubbles in a crowd surfing manner.

With this prop being well used by Coyne, the entire band decided to play in their own plastic bubbles while featuring on Colbert’s show in the presence of a real, live audience, who were also in their own plastic bubble.

While having each member inside their own bubble, and the entire audience rocking out in their own bubbles, the gig was set to be a socially distancing success where everyone could jam to some damn good music while keeping their health in mind.

Although it was a short lived gig, with The Flaming Lips performing their 1999 hit ‘Race For The Prize’ from The Soft Bulletin, the concert gives off all sorts of ideas as to what gigs could look like when they return.

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