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Why Working from Home Doesn’t Have to Mean Working Alone

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By James Dare

Why Working from Home Doesn’t Have to Mean Working Alone

As many businesses have now transitioned to remote working due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the vast majority of people and business owners are currently working from home. While some prefer the short commute to their coffee table or home office to start work as oppose to an hour-long commute into the city, working remotely also presents employees with a brand-new set of obstacles that can affect one’s personal and professional growth.  

Perhaps the most talked-about hurdle that stems from working from home is the lack of interaction and stimulation that we get from simply being around other people and listening to their ideas and opinions. A great way to combat this is through engaging withing podcasts while you work.  

The Benefits of Listen to Podcasts While Working from Home 

Listening to podcasts while working remotely provides a wide range of benefits.  

  • Podcasts can help to boost productivity and performance due to their informative, thought-provoking and motivational nature. They can provide you with a snippet of inspiration and motivation when you feel like you’re hitting the wall.  
  • Podcasts are great for boosting your mood and overall morale. As mentioned earlier, working from home can be difficult for many individuals with almost half (46%) of UK workers experiencing feelings of loneliness while working from home. Although software like Zoom and Microsoft Teams allow us to hold video conference calls with other employees, we are still left working without any interacts throughout most of our day. Listening to these podcasts will enable us to fill in those gaps between meetings with valuable and engaging conversation. 

Why You Should Listen to Essex Business Radio 

Looking for a podcast to listen to while working remotely? Look no further than Essex Business Radio. Featuring two charismatic and highly knowledgeable hosts Elliot Browne and Adrian Dorobantu, the podcast covers a wide range of topics, including Sales & Marketing, Management, Finance, and lifestyle whilst maintaining a healthy work-life balance. The podcasts are perfect for business owners and those looking to expand their understanding of the ever-evolving business landscape.  

An unscripted and captivating podcast, Elliot and Adrian tackle current subjects that impact and mould current business trends and what they mean for the sector’s future. With a specific focus on how they affect small to medium size businesses (SME’s). Essex Business Radio is currently well into its 3rd series, titled “The Pivotal Podspective” in which Elliot and Adrian are ‘On a Quest to Learn from The Best International Guests’.  With the latest episode featuring Linda Bell from ‘A Different Ball Game’ as she offers her expert insight into her organisation and the current issue surrounding the alarming levels of plastics currently pollution our oceans, an insightful and refreshing take on a current real-world problem. Essex Business Radio has also had the pleasure of welcoming the likes of James Cracknell, Benjamin Page and Clare Wood in the last year. 

Essex Business Radio is available on a plethora of platforms, including FacebookSpotifyApple PodcastsYouTube as well as via our dedicated in-browser player  HERE. Making the podcast highly accessible on all devices. If you would like to find out more about the exciting projects Essex Business radio has in store, feel free to visit our Website