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What is Clubhouse?

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What is Clubhouse?

By James Dare

Why is Clubhouse so popular?

Clubhouse is the latest social media phenomenon, set to take over the globe. The innovative and highly enriching audio-focused application has recently caught the public’s attention after being slapped with a $10 billion valuation which is an incredible achievement considering it is still very much in its beta stages.

Since its initial release in April 2020, the Clubhouse App saw a meteoric rise over the year and is currently rewriting the rules on how we network and connect with our peers. It’s almost like having a live podcast. You can jump into rooms and listen to industry experts discuss how they build their success, offering gems of information that you won’t find anywhere else. You can also raise your hand and ask questions, allowing you to gain some bespoke knowledge from people who you wouldn’t have been able to connect with if it wasn’t for Clubhouse.

How do I get an invite?

Although there isn’t currently a confirmed release date, it is worth checking this space over the upcoming weeks for any updates.

As of now, Clubhouse is still invite-only due to it still being in beta. The only way to get on the App is by having another user send you an invitation. Each new member initially receives one invite, followed by four more after using the App for a while, giving you five invitations in total.

Due to the popularity of the App, eBay has seen an influx of people listing their invites for prices as high as $150; it’s recommended not to try to obtain an invite through eBay due to reports of an increased number of scams currently taking place.

When will Clubhouse go public?

While Clubhouse is growing great lengths to bring people together, its exclusivity is driving them apart. Many wonder when the App will be available to the masses, allowing anyone to sign up and start using. The creators have already stated they’re still in the development phase, and people will likely flock to the App in their millions once made public. Therefore it is essential to ensure the App can handle this influx.

Will Clubhouse come out on Android?

As of now, Clubhouse is only available via the iOS App Store, so only those with iPhones currently have access. The developers have recently stated that they’re going to start working on the Android App in the near future. Giving them access to the colossal and untapped Android market.

Although there isn’t currently a confirmed release date, it is worth checking this space over the upcoming weeks for any updates.

Whos on Clubhouse?

Clubhouse saw a convergence of celebrities following the Apps sharp rise in popularity. From musicians to entrepreneurs, the range of topics you can find on Clubhouse is what gives the App its broad appeal.

A great example of how Clubhouse can be used is the pitching room hosted by Kevin Harrington and Daymon John (two of the original sharks from Shark Tank). Users enter the room and pitch their ideas to angel investors, with many finding success and deals made.

Elon Musk, founder of Tesla, Space X, and many other companies, recently sent Clubhouse into a frenzy when he joined the App for his very first live session. His room surpassed the 5000 member limit, which caused Musk fans to create secondary listening rooms to hear what he had to say.

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