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How to Grow Your Podcast: The Importance of Guests

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How to Grow Your Podcast: The Importance of Guests

Inviting guests to appear on your podcasts is a fantastic way of organically growing your show. Guests offer a different dimension to your podcast, often producing conversational topics that the regular hosts would not usually discuss, keeping the podcast fresh and engaging.  

Promoting Your Podcast on Social Media 

Securing guests with considerable social media following or large client base will provide you with a great marketing opportunity to tap into their audience. You can ask your guest to share the podcast with their followers, exposing your content to a whole new demographic of people who perhaps would not have listened to your podcast before. Many of these new listeners are likely to stay around if you are producing entertaining and informative content.  

Make it easy for you guest to share by creating snippets and quote images which can be easily uploaded to their social media channels. This is an excellent way of leveraging your guest’s audience. You can create a podcast press kit that includes Pullquotes, Images, Links, Prewritten tweets, and status updates that your guest can use to promote the podcast. Be sure to cover a few popular topics that can be clipped and uploaded to platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Tik Tok. 

How To Find Guests For Your Podcast

You must choose the right guests for your podcasts, guests who don’t fit your niche or style can often lead to less engaging conversation and sometimes even an awkward atmosphere. However, sometimes having a guest with contrasting opinions can generate dialogue and discussion or even debate, so it is vital to strike a balance. 

If you are looking to invite your first guest onto your podcast, but you are unsure how to find someone, start by looking at your niche and see what types of guest similar podcasts feature. Suppose someone has already agreed to be on a podcast. In that case, there is a high possibility that they would be willing to do so again. They’ll also have experience being a podcast guest, hopefully making the episode run smoothly. However, keep in mind that you mustn’t recreate your competitors’ podcast and attempt to approach your questions from a different angle to keep content fresh. 

Finding Podcasts Guests on YouTube 

YouTube is a fantastic tool for discovering potential guests. Due to its sheer size, you’ll definitely find content creators interested in the same topics as you, meaning there is a great chance they would be interested in appearing on your podcast. Also, their natural skills and experience being on camera will likely make for great entertainment. They will also probably have a following which falls into your niche, and these individuals are then highly likely to become repeat listeners of your podcast. It also creates an opportunity to collaborate on future projects; this can include filming a video on their channel, promoting your podcast. 

Growing Your Brand Through Podcasts 

If you are a podcaster or someone looking to grow your brand, consider guest-starring on Essex Business Radio, featuring hosts Elliot Browne and Adrian Dorobantu. The podcast covers a wide range of topics, including Sales & Marketing, Management, Finance, and lifestyle whilst maintaining a healthy work-life balance. It is a great podcast for any entrepreneur, business owner or anyone who wants to gain insight into the fascinating world of business from two industry experts. 

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