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Overcoming Overwhelm: How to Improve Your Organisational Skills as a Business Owner

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Overcoming Overwhelm: How to Improve Your Organisational Skills as a Business Owner

By James Dare

The 70:20:10 Method 

Initially created in the 1980s for learning and development, this model can also be applied to running your business efficiently by understanding your time’s importance and where it is best spent. 

Breaking down the model, 70% of your time should be spent on revenue-based activities. These are actions which make you money and contribute towards sustainable business growth. 20% of your time should be spent focused on organisational activities; this is something many businesses neglect and can often result in you finding yourself overwhelmed as a business owner. The remaining 10% should be spent on other tasks such as research, design or learning. These tasks usually don’t require as much attention and can be quickly be done at the end of the day. 

How to Improve Your Organisational Skills 

Often overlooked, the 70:20:10 Method states that you should spend almost ¼ of your working day focusing on organisation. Here are a few useful tools available to you that will transform the way you approach your day. 

Utilising To-Do Lists 

TickTick is a To-Do list, checklist, and task manager app available for iOS, Android, and Windows that allows you to organise all aspects of your life effortlessly. Simply place all of your daily tasks into TickTick the night before, so they are ready for the day ahead, in the morning, you can then list your daily tasks by priority and time. Having your To-Do list in an accessible and easy to use app means you’re more likely to make it a useful daily habit. You’ll find that ticking off tasks upon completion will lead to a great sense of ease and accomplishment due to being able to see how productive you’ve been visually.  

Using a Business Journal 

Many of us experience feelings of anxiousness around digital documentation. All their work is tied up on a computer, spread across multiple avenues such as emails and shared documents for many people. When you’re feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of notifications and information coming through, having a journal to jot down the important stuff will help you rewire your thoughts and prioritise important tasks. 

However, many people face the issue that when they buy a journal, but they stop using it due to them not liking the layout or it not suiting the way they process information.  If this sounds like you, we recommend investing in an EVO planner. Project EVO has developed an innovative and personalised range of four planners, complimenting a different ‘brain-type’. These brain types relate to how an individual processes information and their preferred method of working. Project EVO asks you to fill out a short questionnaire to discover if you are an Alchemist, Oracle, Explorer or Architect, from there you can purchase the planner to suit your needs.  

Using a planner or journal consistently will drastically improve your organisational skills, allowing you to record how you spend your day and where you could make better use of your time, leading to better overall productivity. You can also track your progress against KPI’s to ensure you’re meeting targets. Self-reflection can also lead to better discipline, the better we understand ourselves. 

Other small changes you can make to be more organised include 

  • Not Responding to Emails Straight Away 

Allocating 2-hour long timeslots each day to respond to emails, if this is still a struggle, you should consider hiring a virtual assistant to handle emails. 

  • Organising your Workspace 

Designing a physical workspace that is tidy and organised will allow your business to perform at its optimal level. Simple things such as organised filing cabinets will dramatically reduce the time you spend locating essential documents. 

  • Planning your Social Media Posts in Advanced 

Tools such as Sprout Social and AgoraPulse let you schedule your social media posts well in advanced across all social media platforms. Planning your posts saves you an abundance of time which you can then spend on the crucial revenue-building activities. 

  • Become a Paperless Business 

Going paperless not only dramatically reduces clutter, but it also saves time. Documents can be easily searched for when needed on a computer system instead of by hand. (It is essential also to keep these documents backed up externally. 

  • Keep all your passwords saved 

Keeping all your passwords saved with a web extension such as 1Password will save you time spend recovering forgetting passwords. It means your memory can be saved for more valuable information.